Monday, July 26, 2010

Find Your Mojo - Join Marshall Goldsmith on August 5, 2010

Find your MOJO and keep it! Guest Teleseminar for August 5 @ 8pm NY EDT

Marshall Goldsmith, best-selling author, speaker, and world's preeminant leadership coach
will join our very own Leon VanderPol in this extraordianary conversation.

Marshall is a master teacher and communicator who provides insightful, clear and practical
wisdom to improving your MOJO and increasing your personal happiness.

Lets spread the word! If you know someone who would be interested in attending this outstanding
event, share this link with them:

Friday, July 9, 2010

Hi everyone!

Hope you are well on your path to living your best life --- your way!!

I spent a considerable amount of time this year aligning my vision and values with my passions and am looking forward to sharing with you what I learned about myself, my colleagues, my family and my local and global community.

I will be offering several seminars, workshops and teleconferences on a variety of topics covering life, career, health and holistic balance. I will also be introducing you to amazing and interesting guest bloggers who are living purposeful, inspired and conscious lives.

Life is a continuous learning experience and we know that learning involves developing new skills and embracing new behaviors so check back often to meet the guest bloggers and to get class information, fees and availability.

Peace & Joy,