Monday, December 3, 2007

Reiki and The India Foundation

Sushweta and I are both Reiki practitioners in India and have access to a fantastic person, Bijan Chatterjee, who is a Reiki Grand Master. We have seen him perform unbelievable psychic acts which prove beyond doubt that there is a form of "Higher Intelligence" from which we can all draw. He is also gifted in Karuna Reiki. Please allow me to share a secret with you -- my wife Sushweta is a far better Reiki channel than me and can do amazing diagnosis of complete strangers just by running her hands 3 inches away up and down their bodies, no touching. She can be very accurate about their ailments even before they say anything.

Do you know why she is better than me? It's because she surrenders completely to Reiki with no holding back. I on the other hand suffer from a bit of arrogance about my 2 bit earthly wisdom (gathered from books I've read) which somewhere in my subconscious prevents me from totally letting go of my Rational Self and surrendering fully to Reiki. BUT-------I'm trying to overcome this weakness and maybe soon will enter the world of true Humility shorn of all pride. That is the portal to Meditation and Reiki practice.

Reiki has made me evolve. I would not say transform because I feel the basic traits in me are constant. But Reiki has opened my mind and my insides to the universe and I can breathe more oxygen, feel the "beauty" in human beings more than see the negative, and it has also given me the ability to "weigh" situations in the light of values. This helps me refrain from "indicting" immediately. I wait and give the other person an opening to explain. Maybe working with children for 25 years in various schools has also helped me in this.

In the last 5 to 7 years, Sushweta and I have loved the concepts of:

Synchronicity of Jung & Paulli
Power of Prayer and Morphic Fields of Rupert Sheldrake
Particle Pysicists David Bohm & Niels Bohr describing Energy Fields and their forces
Our Gayatri Mantra that says the same thing
Krishna's dialogue with Arjuna in the Mahabharata which is the "Bhagavat Gita' and where a Higher Intelligence is spoken of.
Sri Aurobindo's "Supra Consciousness"
The Institute of Noetic Science's(IONS) research by Dean Radin

All of these teachings point to a single direction-------Reiki and Positive Thinking!

As I conclude this post, I want to mention The India Foundation which my wife and I created in response to a simple question that asked what we would do if we could light a candle instead of cursing the darkness that India often feels. Sushweta quit her job as a School Principal & English Teacher to do this full time, and I take time out from my manufacturing business to help out. The India Foundation is a non-profit trust with dreams of promoting India and presenting our country in a unique way. Please visit to learn more.

Gautam Mukerjee